About Us



"...for all creatures great & small..."

We are delighted to welcome both you and your animals to our facilities in Richmond, Wakefield & Hope.

Town & Country Vet provides one of the most comprehensive veterinary services to be found anywhere in New Zealand. We are a team of 10 veterinarians and 22 support staff-all passionate about delivering the best care to our patients and service to our clients.

On any given day our staff will take care of all sorts of creatures, including cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, fish and small furry caged pets. Our larger four legged patients include horses, donkeys, dairy and beef cattle, sheep, goats, deer, llama, ostrich, emus and even the occasional yak! Our friendly support staff are available to answer a range of questions regarding animal health and can schedule a consultation with any of our veterinary surgeons.

Horses are taken care of at our Beacon Hill Equine Clinic in Hope, particularly those requiring advanced dental care, lameness evaluation and breeding management.

Several of our vets are true general practitioners and can turn their hand to anything. Most have developed areas of special interest (medicine, bone and soft tissue surgery and dentistry).

For small animals we have a purpose built clinic in Richmond, well equipped with surgical and diagnostic facilities, and a branch clinic in Wakefield. For horses we have an equine clinic in Hope - Beacon Hill.

WE also have a hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) pressure chamber - the only one in the South Island! This cutting edge therapy will extend our ability to treat patients in new and innovative ways rarely seen elsewhere in veterinary medicine.

Our Team

We are a team of 32 qualified vets, nurses and support staff who are dedicated to the welfare of your pet. We invite you to visit us here in Richmond or Wakefield at our purpose built vet clinics. For more information about the Town & Country Vet business and to get to know your team a little better, read on or contact us.

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