Equine dentistry is about three main things:Powell

  • Animal welfare
  • Comfort
  • Performance

Having a happy horse and a happy relationship with your horse is what it is all about. For some this means a loyal companion and friend, for others, an athlete performing to the max and getting competition results.

In recent years the science of equine dentistry has re-emerged and more people have become aware of how oral care is a key part of good horsemanship and its importance to horse's health, well being and performance.

Why do we need to take care of our horse's teeth?

It is always much better for the horse to maintain optimum health and less costly to prevent disease instead of waiting to treat an already sick animal.

* Oral disease is no exception *

Through years of domestication, we have removed horses from their 18 hour a day grazing habit on rough pasture and replaced it with easily masticated hard feed, hay and improved pasture. This has resulted in a changed chew cycle and different wear patterns.

The harshness of natural selection (ie early death in wild animals) has largely been reduced due to domestication.


At our vet clinic we choose to always sedate horses for dentals. This is a standing sedation and only given after assessing each patient carefully. Sedation ensures the horse is more compliant which enables a thorough examination. It also helps the horse to be less stressed during the procedure.


All Town and Country Vet equine dental procedures are performed using a combination of power dental equipment and traditional rasps. This enables a ‘performance float’ to be carried out to the highest standards maximising the effect and minimising stress to the horse and owner.

Pain free extractions are paramount to us as veterinarians. We achieve this by using sedation, local anaesthetic and/or nerve blocks.

As veterinarians we can also provide essential ancilliary tests such as x-rays, endoscopy and general anaesthesia as required.

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