Facial Eczema Spore Counts

Facial Ezcema Spore Counts are now available for the Tasman Area. Counts are taken from sample farms within each area.

We will update these graphs about once a week so keep checking back to see the result!

Counts of over 20,000 can cause low liver damage and preventative action should be taken. Counts of over 90,000 can cause high level liver damage.


 spore counts appleby 2018
spore counts brightwater 2018

spore counts eves valley 2018

spore counts moutere 2018 spore counts redwood valley 2018spore counts tapawera 2018


spore counts appleby 2017spore counts brightwater 2017spore counts eves valley 2017spore counts moutere 2017spore counts redwood valley 2017spore counts tapawera 2017


spore counts appleby 2016spore counts brightwater 2016spore counts eves valley 2016spore counts moutere 2016spore counts redwood valley 2016spore counts tapawera 2016


spore counts appleby 2015spore counts brightwater 2015spore counts eves valley 2015spore counts moutere 2015
spore counts tapawera 2015 


spore counts appleby 2014spore counts brightwater 2014spore counts eves valley 2014spore counts moutere 2014spore counts tapawera 2014