Puppy School


Come join in the fun at puppy preschool run on Wednesday evenings at the clinic. Puppies have lots of playtime with dogs their own age and owners learn lots and take home valuable information and plenty of freebies.

A well socialized and trained puppy is less likely to become an unruley canine later on in its life. Town and Country Vet Puppy Preschool offers safe socializing for puppies of similar ages, and basic training skills to help set you and your puppy up for life! Classes are fun and relaxed with a mixture of training, theory and games!!!
The course is normally run on a Wednesday evening at our Richmond clinic for one hour over a course of four weeks, with the last week including a graduation ceremony.

We are constantly seeing the benefits of dogs that have attended our classes. They are happy to arrive at the clinic and they are less stressed during their examinations because, through attending puppy class, they associate the clinic with positive memories.

The classes are run over four weeks and cost $80. Below is the proposed schedule:

Week 1

  • Explain Reward Based Training – praising wanted behaviour, ignoring undesirable
  • Time out and no go zones – dogs like rules
  • Separation / Reuniting
  • Mouthing / Biting
  • Toilet Training
  • Sit command
  • Settle on mat
  • Dogs and Children
  • Recall command

Week 2

  • Nutrition and feeding your puppy
  • Wait command
  • Avoiding food / resource gaurding
  • Dental care – bones
  • Down command
  • Musical sit game
  • Playtime (dependent on class)

Week 3

  • Sex talk and microchipping
  • Loose lead walking
  • Vet exam
  • Fleas and Worms
  • Recall game
  • Destructive behaviour – chewing
  • Playtime

Week 4

  • Destructive behaviour – digging and barking
  • Stay command
  • Extra tricks – rollover, shake hands and spin
  • Tips on avoiding unwanted behaviour
  • Playtime
  • Graduation & Games

Classes are run by Vikki Pickering of ‘You and Your Dog’ with the assistance of Emily one of our qualified Veterinary Nurses. Please contact us to find out when the next class begins.